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PPC or Pay Per Click is a marketing strategy that uses search engine advertising to generate clicks on your website. Companies that want instant clicks on their website and are not interested in getting clicks organically should choose PPC. Most importantly, it is a way to visit your website or getting more traffic using pay per click advertising.

PPC Campaign Marketing is a well-known choice for lead generation and has attracted the attention of more and more companies around the world. The most recommended and popular platform for PPC campaign marketing among clients is Google Adwords.

Efficiently managed and programmed pay per click Google Ads campaigns can make a huge difference to your customer base by targeting traffic, remarketing lead generation, and ultimately customer conversion.

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Google PPC  & Display Marketing makes it easy to advertise on Google and reach your targeted audience with a wide range of Internet users in similar categories. To run Pay Per Click campaigning on Google, you need to use Google’s advertising platform i.e. need to use Google AdWords.

Advertising Revenue is the major income source of Google. Google AdWords is the advertising platform in the form of Google PPC & Display. Google chooses which ads to display and where to place them in SERP based on each user’s maximum bid and quality score.

Google AdWords is the platform used for Bidding on specific keywords that are used to activate Sponsored Ads.


1. Keywords:

It is important to choose words and phrases that are relevant to your business so that your customers can see your ads when they search for those keywords. By creating a list of the most relevant keywords, you increase the chances of showing your ad to your interested customers.

2. Location and Language:

It’s also important to choose the right language and geographical location, such as the country, state, city, or region where your customers live. After setting these goals, AdWords will decide where to display your ads based on various factors such as your Google domain, search keywords, computer IP address, Google’s language preference, and the language of the websites you have previously visited. To do.

3. Device:

All types of devices should also be targeted through PPC content. Make your ads appear on all devices depending on your specific location, time of day, and device type.

4. Audience:

You also need to target the right audience through your PPC content. Therefore, make sure that users who have previously visited your website have seen your ads using the Search Ads Remarketing List (RSA).



We offer a broad spectrum of Gigante Technologies, a range of services that can dramatically grow your foundation and business. We offer low-cost solutions for the global promotion of Google Ads, regardless of the business. Managing PPC campaigns for small and medium entrepreneurs are always our priority option. Apart from this, we are familiar with the global environment with multinational clients and franchise stores. We specialize in building effective campaigns and work with effective and productive strategies for PPC management.
In general, our team of experts will guide you through PPC services, audience targeting, business goals and scalability, campaign strategic building, and campaign management consulting.
We have technical and skillful resources for every aspect of Google’s advertising term, including display ads, mobile ads, remarketing ads, and search ads.
We follow good business manners and ethics, and with quality support from our side, we keep the process 100% transparent.
Our PPC campaign emphasizes improving return on investment for our clients, optimizing keywords in relation to page optimization, page v image, time, bid adjustment, keyword adjustment, testing, experimentation, etc. By managing, we guarantee the same.
We offer customized packages or simple promotional outsourcing services that are easy to restart and terminate.
To enhance PPC services, we also offer various services such as SEO, mobile app development, social media marketing, website development, and online reputation management.


Social Media Marketing through Facebook is a trendy growth these days. You can think of an example to open a new organic  store in your area. If you want to let people know about your store outside of your area, there may be a way to create a Facebook Page for your store. Every day you can post about your store, new products and services for sale, discount offers, and more. This is a marketing strategy that can be used with the help of Facebook. With the demand for social Media Marketing, there are many emerging SMO companies in India. You can also create corporate campaigns and advertisements, but for a fee. These campaigns and ads are real and you will get more likes for your campaign. People subscribe to these campaigns and ads and get a lot of visitors for their posts. An SMO company like Gigante Technologies provides these services to your business. It is also known as the best SMO company in Pune.


Social Media Optimization is a technique for directing traffic from social media websites. By using Twitter we can write short messages called “tweets”. You need to create your Twitter account to read and post tweets. Unregistered users can only read tweets. There are a lot of regular visitors on Twitter. Twitter was started by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone, and Noah Glass.

Gigante Technologies offers social media optimization services tailored to your business activities. Social Media Marketing with the help of Twitter is increasingly trendy these days. We can consider an example if you open your new clothing store in your area. And if you want people in your area and in your area to know about your store, there may be a way like creating your store’s Twitter page. You can post on your page about your store every day, about new products and services you are selling, and about discount offers. This is a marketing strategy that you can use with the help of Twitter. Special software is used to do this which is Hootsuite. Gigante Technologies offers the best social media Optimization service in Pune.


LinkedIn is a professional social networking website. It was launched on May 5, 2003. LinkedIn revenue increased in 2015 by selling customer information to recruiters and sales professionals. We can market your services with the help of SMO on LinkedIn. We will create a LinkedIn page to promote your business activities. You can also post pictures to promote your business.

LinkedIn is a very professional site, where people working from the corporate sector have their accounts on LinkedIn. We have good opportunities to increase our clients with this professional site. Special tools hot suite is used for posting. You can post your future post with the help of this tool and you can also post on multiple accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Social Pune has some of the top social media optimization companies.

Gigante Technologies is a social media optimization company. It provides the best social media services for your LinkedIn account. Gigante Technologies is also known as the best social media optimization company in Pune.


Google Business is sometimes pronounced or written as GMB. Gigante Technologies is a top SMO company based in Pune. GMB marketing can be done by creating a GMB page for your services and posting images related to your business. Images can describe new offers and new products in your shop. HotSuite is used for posting special tools. You can post your future post with the help of this tool and you can also post on multiple accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google GMB

 All the top SMO companies in Pune try to compete with Gigante Technologies in terms of the quality of their marketing strategy. Gigante Technologies is a leading SMO company in Pune. We serve you best to market your business with the help of SMO Google GMB.


Remarketing allows you to serve ads to customers who have previously visited your website while you browse the web. Remarketing gives you the opportunity to bring back skeptical customers with banners/text ads and offers related to your experience on your site. With remarketing, you get another opportunity to close a deal. In the past, there was a misconception that people often prefer ad blocking to avoid ad interference, but based on research, a strong argument for this concept is that people only want to filter ads for relevant ads. I like it. This discussion seems worth considering and planning your company’s digital marketing strategy.
Many prospects visit your website, but for some reason, they jump to another site or leave. Remarketing can help attract positive customers to your website and increase your ROI. Customers place ads related to your website on various online portals, blogs, and websites so that they return to the website to purchase the product.
Remarketing provides a way to reapply customer so will become subscribers or buyers in the future. Remarketing requires you to track a particular page on your website. For example, e-commerce apps can see and track shopping cart pages to understand customer trends and patterns. Or you are running e-commerce and your customers choose any category. Therefore, the next time the customer comes online, they will dynamically see ads for products listed in the same category.
Once your goals are established, you can use remarketing to create unique and dynamic ads. These ads help advertise your products and services in a more personalized format. It may also be more interesting and relevant because the customer has already inquired about the product in the past.



This is the most common form of remarketing strategy. This will display ads to people who have already visited your site. Google Adwords, Facebook, and Twitter are the most popular and successful platforms for customized ad display remarketing strategies.


Email remarketing is a way to bring back your customers by creating ad campaigns for specific people who open your emails. They have already shown their interest in your product and service and this topic will motivate you to encourage them to turn into your buyer.


It aims to display ads directly on the search engine and target customers who are already interested in your product or service.


This remarketing strategy expands your customer base by targeting customers who have not searched for your product but they have searched for products similar to your own offerings. This is a unique way of retargeting that can divert traffic from your competitors to your side.


In this form of remarketing, ads are displayed on YouTube. You can finalize the goal by contacting the people who visited your channel or your videos and you can get them back through video ads.



Website remarketing, to keep in mind after customers leave your site.
• Search remarketing to target users in search engines who search for keywords or phrases related to your business offerings.
• Pixel placement on shared links and provide relevant advertising on social networks such as social media remarketing, Facebook.
• Email remarketing to target customers who are highly engaged with your emails.

Gigante Technologies, a Pune-based remarketing company, offers you the best solutions in low cost packages. Our skilled and enthusiastic team is dedicated to redesigning your customers and redirecting your competitor’s customers to your brand. We offer a wide spectrum of remarketing services that delight and empower our customers with an expanded, loyal customer base.

Gigante Technologies, a Pune-based remarketing company, offers you the best solutions.


We have targeted very specific keywords in the email headlines of your target audience. Let’s use an example to show you what I mean.
Say you are a builder and want to target customers who are having trouble finding the best builder in their area and may be interested in your project.
So what kind of email can a person receive?
Builder in a specific area, best builders, reliable builders, flats in a specific area.
By targeting the exact match phrase [your AdWords ads are not running; Require action] You may have a set of ads that only run when people receive this message.
Our team will handle the whole process for you, replacing the task with our time-proven methodology. To test the impact of reaching your marketing goals, we will work with you to select a set of keywords that will be targeted with your pay per click campaign throughout the entire research/purchase cycle of your target audience. And we coordinate the prudent use of pay for click advertising in coordination with search engine optimization, which advises when to use one technique, when to use another, and when to use both.

1. Update changes and receive promotions accordingly.
2. Add negative keywords to eliminate irrelevant traffic 3. Divide test ads constantly to improve click-through rate (CTR). Through these results it reduces the cost per click (CPC).
4. We manage high performance keywords as separate Adgroups and rather than optimizing ads accordingly.
5. Optimize re-marketing campaigns that target visitors to your website that have not changed.
6. Work to optimize bids to get the best return on investment (ROI).
7. Provide reports to inform you about the performance and results of the account.

Also, you heard about email marketing. Gmail is sending more messages to the masses. Gigante Technologies addresses the top email marketing company that provides you with the best marketing strategies for your business.


If your ads want to reach millions of YouTube viewers, Google can help. When searching for videos YouTube is a search engine and content site to watch videos. YouTube AdWords Inform your customers in a more reliable video format with an advanced way to market your services. If you search on YouTube using keywords, you will see a list of videos. When a user clicks on a video, the video owner is paid for each click. This video contains Google ads and Google pays the video owner for every click. You can now target multiple locations in the form of images, videos and text on your YouTube site. You can publish or exclude specific content on your YouTube site without displaying ads.
For example, suppose you search for digital marketing. Press Enter to display a list of digital marketing videos. Clicking on the video will reward the video owner as there is a Google ad on the video. Google pays a fixed amount each time you click on a video. Gigante Technologies offers the best YouTube Adwords for your business.


With millions of users worldwide, ease of access and sending hundreds of millions of tweets a day, Twitter is not only the buzz word for social media machines, Twitter marketing is the great way of digital marketing for your brand. Twitter is an American online news and social networking service on which users post and interact with messages called “tweets” and support tweets with additional features such as retweet, hashtag, tag, reply, etc. Twitter has now been launched as a targeted solution for Twitter advertising. Keyword targeting promotes tweets based on the keywords that users search for on Twitter. When matched, the promoted tweet gives the user a chance to win a placement in the Twitter stream or in the search results. Twitter ads are a great source to promote your brand in front of customers who are interested in your product. According to Twitter data sources, Twitter ad engagements increased by 69 percent compared to last year, with a 28 percent drop in the cost of advertising engagement. Twitter advertising campaign is an attractive option for entrepreneurs to set up and market their business and brand. Small and medium business owners face a lack of time to promote themselves. We are the right choice to help you in this situation.
1- Creating Your First Campaign:-
We will create your first campaign on Twitter to promote your tweets, called Twitter AdWords, which you should target with keywords for your campaign.
2. Options for Searching and Feeding:
When you decide to launch a keyword targeted campaign on Twitter, you need to think about whether you want to target search results or user timing. User timeline is displayed to users who write or engage with tweets containing your keywords and search results are displayed to users who search for your keywords.
3. Keyword Match Types:
Set a keyword target for the campaign. There are two types of keyword matches, random matches, that match keywords in any order. The other is a phrase matching. It must match the keywords in the exact order.
It tells Twitter not to show your ad when you use a negative, when a search query looks negative.
5. When you use keyword targeting, you are setting up a campaign for the tweets you are promoting. “So, you are not setting up ads. Instead, you are selecting a specific tweet to promote.
6. Location Retargeting
Tweets can be targeted in a variety of ways. One of them is location. You can target your tweets to a specific geographical area.
7.Gender targeting
We also provide tweets targeting gender.
8. Device targeting:
Keyword targeting campaigns allow you to target devices by device such as desktop and laptop, iOS, Android, Windows Phone and other mobile devices. This allows you to see the difference between mobile and desktop users.
9. Bid and Budget:
Finally, set the bid and budget for your campaign. Gigante Technologies offers the best Twitter Adwords services. We are a reputable IT solutions company in Pune, specializing in multiple major domains. Once you have analyzed your business and marketing needs, design and run an expensive Twitter adware campaign. We offer cost-effective packages that guarantee an increased ROI for your business. A team of social media experts, content management teams, and technical IT teams provide 24/7 support. Other services include SEO, content management, web development, web design, PPC services for other platforms, digital marketing and software management. You can also decorate your business by combining other services at a reasonable cost. Share your business marketing needs with us anytime.


Reach the ideal client with the largest professional network in the world. The following items are required for the LinkedIn campaign: 1.LinkedIn Account 2.Basic Understanding of your clients 3.Ad copy 4.Video (optional)
Here are the steps for LinkedIn Adwords:
1) Create an ad:
Create an ad for your campaign. Enter a promotion name and choose the language for your ad. It’s very important to address your ads on both LinkedIn and external pages. If you have a lot of websites running, we recommend that you tag your URLs so that you can measure engagement and traffic quality on your analytics platform.
2) Targeting:
Once you’ve created your ad, target your ad’s clients. You can target clients based on age, gender, location, and more.
3) Budget:
LinkedIn offers two basic pricing models: CPC (cost per click) and CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions). LinkedIn also offers recommended bid ranges to reach the top spots.
4) Submit Ads:
The final step in submitting ads is to launch the ad.
Connect with Gigante Technologies, one of the largest clients in the world of active and influential professionals. Start your campaign in minutes. All you need is a LinkedIn account. We offer the best LinkedIn Adwords service in Pune.


• Makes it easier to identify and target specific audiences.
• Immediate traffic progress.
• A systematic, result-oriented process that can also be measured in terms of successes.
• High exchange rate.
• People usually do not recognize payment advertisements.
• Regulated campaigns.

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