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After CORONA Pandemic & Lockdown Impact 21st century is completely driven by Internet technology & Digital Marketing. Businesses are not far behind either. Whether it is a small business or a large one, We need to set up their business presence online. This is important for the growth and development of the business.

Online Marketing has advantages over Traditional Marketing. The online presence of businesses may increase the visibility of products or services in front of a targeted audience. Therefore, each business has developed and designed its own website to attract customers. The website acts as a landing page for the business’s marketing & promotional Campaigning.

Nowadays customer-centric approach plays important role in a currently highly competitive market. it is now well understood that having a simple website for businesses is not enough to compete with the fully optimized website of competitors. There are many parameters and elements that need to be fulfilled in a website. Many On-Page & Off-Page factors may affect website visibility success.

The most important part of a website is how it is created and displayed. This requires expertise and research, and that is why professional organizations are advised to create expert sites by proficient web developers or by professional web development companies. Gigante Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is the market that is reliably the best option for website development. There are many tributes to why Gigante Technologies in Pune is a great business web development organization for any type of web solution.

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Gigante Technologies specialize in delivering exceptional creativity in website development for multiple types of business categories. Our professional Website Developers also keep a watch on the updated technology and the latest trends the same on all web platforms for making our customers one step ahead of competitors to become market-ready. We understand the importance of device optimization in today’s digital era. So we ensure that the web pages developed by our web developers are responsive to all devices. Such highly secure and Customized web services are something very difficult to find in any Web Development Services Company in Pune.

Gigante Technologies works on different ERP and CRM Web application platforms like WordPress, Opencart, Drupal, Angular, and Joomla. WordPress is one of the leading website development and CRM Platforms with both static and dynamic functionality. After developing multiple WordPress websites for all business categories, we have gained expertise as a WordPress Development Company In Pune. So we are here to give extra-ordinary service of website development.


Every website is unique and differs according to the client’s requirements in the form of dynamic or static ones. The custom requirement of every business is different because any business wants to establish a strong online impression in front of customers. Websites are not only developed according to the needs of the business, but it also needs to be developed & supported by the latest updated web technology. The front end & back end of the website must follow the latest industry standards. Websites must be SEO Optimized for maximizing Customer traffic, Engagement & mostly for lead generation. 

Gigante Technologies is a leading Web development company in Pune. Along with website development, Gigante Technologies offers Digital Marketing or custom e-commerce and Mobile Application Development Services. Gigante Technologies is your believed accomplice that will give you an incorporated and successful arrangement under one roof. At Gigante, we plan, design, and developed the most ideal system for your website for incredible and focused on desire results.

At Gigante Technologies, we built robust web solutions and provided the Best Website Development Services in Pune.

Gigante Technologies’ main focus is on interactive usability according to the customer-centric Approach and back-end stability for smoothening the usability for all our clients. We also concentrated on the use of the latest software technologies and ensure complete compatibility of the website on all types of devices. We believe the current web industry is Constantly engaging and innovating which is the key growth factor, and we tried to maintain the best Web Design Company in Pune. With the continuous up-gradation in the online industry evolving in a new pattern each day, so we work according to a consumer behavior study and implement it during the web development process. We also focus on what platforms the webpage needs to be strong, according to various devices like desktop or mobile. We also concentrate on the UI & UX Part of the website for maintaining customer engagement which may be useful for lead generation. We developed the website by analyzing various customer Centric tools like Google Webmaster, Hot-Jar, & Google Analytics.

Building your website as an expert web development organization is important and gives it endless benefits. See the reasons for choosing Gigante Technologies as a Top Web Development Agency in Pune.


Skilled & Professional web development organizations are well aware of the latest trends in the market and are carefully aware of their business needs and website requirements. Website development success depends on visibility, engagement & lead generation, so our expert web developers developed accordingly.


Professional web designers must be creative in their work and this is important in terms of website development. They unravel the configuration, colors, images, text style, etc., and ensure that your site is designed in a way that attracts visitors.

Creative Web Development

An Important Part of the freedom of the expert web developers is that your site features all kinds of electronic gadgets, for example, a huge PC screen, a small tablet screen, and a very reasonable cell phone screen. Your site is easy to use on every type of electronic gadget so that your site can be easily accessed and responded to on every type of screen

The website becomes important for business as soon as it is visible to the visitor after placing searching keywords in the search engine accordingly to users. An expert website development organization implements SEO tools that enhance your site for web crawlers

Time Factor

Time is very important in every business and in this context, you need to spend less time on your site. The experts are talented in their work and will provide you with their services in less time with high functionality.


We are a team of expert web developers & Digital Marketers who have been serving on a national and international basis for almost the last decade. Here is a list of some of the features that will help you choose the right one for us.

Therefore, if you aim to develop your website with market experts and consultants to get maximum leads, stay in touch with Gigante Technologies today and proudly energize your website.

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Types of Website Design And Development

We at Gigante Technologies follow that customer is the first priority of business and understanding the customer need is the most valuable and most difficult task. We are fortunate to have a team that understands the customer and offers their custom-based solutions, which makes us one of the best website development companies in Pune. Not only this, but we also provide the best support after the project is completed.

Static Responsive
Website Design

Dynamic Responsive
Website Design


Static websites are the common basic website and they are very easy to develop for any small business or local business. They do not require any web programming and backend database design while implementation. These are usually the information form of the websites. Static websites can be developed by creating a few HTML pages with business content and publishing them on a web server via HTTP. HTML is a very powerful markup language for developing such static sites. These Html website pages are also known as flat pages or stationery pages where only useful information can see on the website. Static websites are suitable for business content with their services that are rarely updated.

Static sites are reasonable for business content with their services that are rarely refreshed. Static website development is speedy and modest. They are modest to have on the web. Because the content is unedited, it looks like stagnant content. If the customer or business client wants to update the service or product content on the website, the developer must be specialized in HTML or familiar with the HTML tags required for content designing. Static sites are valuable for individuals who run private ventures. This will empower them to get their quality on the web with less interest in hosting and development.

We Gigante Technologies offer you excellent business static website development services in Pune at a market price. We are Static Website Design Company in Pune we have a highly skilled designer. You will develop an attractive website as per the client’s requirements and his business digital marketing approach at a low cost.

As the business grows, so do people’s expectations. Many people today access the Internet through smartphones. 74% leave unresponsive sites. A static responsive site is a method of planning destinations to give an ideal review and interactive experience, for example, resizing, looking over, and panning across gadgets, from desktop computers to mobile phones to monitors. Here are a few stages to transform a static site into a static responsive site: Here are some steps to turn static website a static responsive website:

 1. Choose a Framework:

It takes a lot of technical work to turn a website into a responsive mobile website. But frameworks Bootstrap & its useful framing foundation are used to develop mobile responsive websites. You do not have to work from the beginning. The Framework of this website allows you to upgrade your current code.

2. Change your code:

Here you need to know how to change the fixed width. You need to add meta tags like width = device-width, start-level = 1, and maximum-level = 1. Furthermore, when changing from a static layout to a mobile responsive design, set up “breakpoints” that trigger CSS style rules. Due to the increasing use of different images, while managing website content, it is also necessary to check the response of the images.

3. Review your website:

Review your developed website using Bootstrap on different devices such as iPhones, tablets, and other mobile phones. The greater the testing of your project, the higher the quality of your responsive website. Also, check the response for video and printability issues.

Gigante Technologies offers the best static responsive websites to expand your business. We provide feedback updates on every new feature of your static or dynamic website. We are a static responsive website development company in Pune.


A dynamic website is developed with customized functionality in mind according to organization requirements, rather than just for the purpose of displaying information. When any user visits a dynamic page, the user can interact with content, different call-out functions and videos also due to technologies used to develop the website. 

Dynamic website development is very useful when you have pages that are updated frequently with new information. Continuous updation on web pages is possible by a dynamic website with the help of an admin panel from the backend. For Example, you can think of E-commerce Website where products update routinely. E-commerce websites like Amazon, MangoBazaar, Myntra, and MyRules are the Best example of a dynamic websites. Similarly Social Media Feed like Facebook Story, Instagram Reel, and LinkedIn Posts where users post updates routinely. So you would need dynamic development in the order to make the website possible.

The Best example of a dynamic website is available in different forms of Online Booking Websites, E-commerce Websites, Blogs, forums and multiple social media platforms. A real-time application like FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Amazon, Myntra etc. is the best example of a dynamic website which updates the information it displays on the front end depending on the user query.

There are multiple scripting languages such as ASP, PHP, .NET and JavaScript are used to develop dynamic web pages. The static website uses only client-side script languages whereas dynamic web pages are developed using both client-side and server-side scripting languages. Dynamic Website uses both client-side and server-side scripting languages to perform accessing database information in real-time.

Industries We Serve


The fierce competition between various educational institutes demands the best SERP rankings to generate high-quality leads and our Search Engine Optimization experience in this domain helps us to deliver the required results.


Our experience in the domain of the tours and travel industry helps us to optimize travel portals and websites with the aim of generating more revenue and visibility through bookings, organic traffic, leads of targeted clients, etc.


Our SEO team is specialized in working on Web Development platforms as category ranking and product listing pages for specific keywords are important with regard to sales

News Portal

Our team of experts delivers targeted results as they have good experience in optimizing news web portals to increase search engine visibility for various goals such as online engagement, lead generation, and increased traffic toward portals.

Real Estate

We specialize in offering SEO services optimizing real estate portals or websites to generate high-quality targeted leads through the implementation of the white hat SEO process & social media platforms for maximum visibility.


Our experience speaks for us when it comes to technology-related websites where there is always a high demand to be visible on the first page of search engines for attracting targeted clients online.


With unrivaled experience in the hotel industry, we assure you of optimized websites and guaranteed results for ranking your target keywords on the first page of search engines even utilize social media strategy to migrate customers towards the website


Our digital marketing team of experts delivers targeted and unmatched results as they have good experience in optimizing healthcare websites to increase search engine rankings and visibility for various goals such as online query, lead generation, and increased traffic with added branding activity

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100% Responsive​

We Offer Mobile-Friendly and 100% Responsive Web Development, Are About Insuring 100% Viewer Satisfaction. 

Creative Designs

Creative Designs Can Serve Two Major Functions In Web Development. Communicating Ideas And Brand messages. Creating An Attention-Grabbing Material.

Reasonable Prices

We Offer Customized Website Development In Reasonable Prices Which Are Compatible With Customer Budget And Needs 

Real time Statistics

After CORONA LOCKDOWN, We Are Entering In The New Chapter Of In The Evaluation Of The Web. So Real-Time Statistics Tools Integration Is Must Nowadays

Latest Technology

Sometimes Web Development Standards And Technologies Can Change Faster Than They Can be Implemented. So For Today’s Competitive Age, It’s Important To Stay One Step Ahead Than Competitors With the Latest Technology

SEO Integration

SEO Integration Is a Must Nowadays For Making Maximum Visibility Of a Website Infront  Targeted Audition To Get a High Proportion Of Conversion Rate Or Lead Generation.

Social Media Integration

The Main Objectives Of Web Development Is To Encourage Visitors For Engagement With the Website And Helps Build A Bigger Audience. Social Media Integration Accomplish A Such Few Goals.

Dedicated Team

Just within the mentioned timeframe, our team of experts is eager to provide & complete your project with a dedication which made us the Best Web Development Company In Pune

Retina Graphics

Our Graphics designer provides HD quality images for your Website UI & UX parts which increase the engagements in website & promotes the purchase of online stores product

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We think & consider the client’s exact specifications & expectations exactly as per their need. Choose a reasonable website development plan which comes under your best market pocket-friendly budget. Get our affordable website development plan without effort, time, or pain.


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